…and the living is easy!

Out of the routines and time to reconnect with friends and family again.

I know these two couldn’t be happier about it!

NB_Kennedy_Leilani001 NB_Kennedy_Leilani002

Home Sweet Home

Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I am biased though- this is where I hang my hat.


Brice and Helen met and fell in love in Tofino and settled in Victoria.

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Two Blessings From Above + Twice as much to Love

Here’s a Tale of Two Babes!

Aubree + Klaire

Mike and Keri are two kindred spirits.

They found one another right by the sea.

Their favourite place to be.

Here’s a little passage Mum wrote for the newborn album:

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Out of Hibernation

Time to wake up!NB_Aubree_Klaire022

Yep, this past season felt like it took forever to get through!

Working my way back to you!

Rockabye, Baby Zadie!

Dan and Chloe’s heritage home was filled with welcoming flowers.

Handel was playing softly in the nursery.

Every corner of the home was dedicated to the newest family member moving in.

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Baby Sadie is quite the Little Lady

There is always something so special about a new family.


A privilege that I don’t take for granted.

Sometimes I am there before the extended family meets the newest member of the family tree.

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I spy with my little eye

Something that is sweet, fun, and full of giggles.


Yep, you got it right. It’s Richard and Anna’s family.


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Lighthouse and True North

There are some people in this life that shine the light where you need it and this family is one of them.

Forgive the lateness- as Avila (the baby in the belly) is already enrolled for grad school . *errrm sorry.

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Time to get Picked Up

I have loved hosting international students over the past 5 years.

It’s been great getting to know each student.

Learning about their cultures and finding out about their family life at home.

Cultures may vary but family love is universal.

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Baby Ballerinas | Part 2

Blog_Ballet_Christmas2013_Kennedy001My favourite thing is watching my little girls dance.

I knew when I saw my eldest daughter tie up her ballet shoes and look at herself dancing in the giant mirror- I knew she was going to love it. . . . → Read More: Baby Ballerinas | Part 2