Spring is in the Air

Robin Williams said it best, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

I have been photographing these twins since a month after they came home from the hospital. Such an honour to see them year after year!

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Olivia as Holly-Go-Little

I was so excited to work with this little Starlet!

The minute I met with her and her parents I felt inspired to turn this little girl’s personality to that of a movie star.

I had watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” recently and giggled to myself at the silly pun I had made up . . . → Read More: Olivia as Holly-Go-Little

Investigative Reporting at the Big Box Photography Shop

Just finished up an undercover operation at Big Box Photo Shop. Armed with two kids in the cart (my little spies) .

Nicole: I would like to book a photo session. I really want the DVD. Can I have the files? BB: Yes, of . . . → Read More: Investigative Reporting at the Big Box Photography Shop

Waiting on the Littlest Loxton

Daniel and Cheryl’s eyes met across a flock of sheep where they worked as shepherds in Prince George several years ago.

Although they no longer work as shepherds, it was something that brought the two of them together as a couple. If they didn’t have the ability to overlook mosquitoes, long work days, and . . . → Read More: Waiting on the Littlest Loxton

Baby Ballerina

It was more than three years ago when my daughter was just a Little Mystery in my belly. We chose not to find out the sex of our child which is odd among our circle of friends because I am surrounded by “planners”.

My developing mother’s intuition told me that we were having a . . . → Read More: Baby Ballerina

David + Camille {Engagement}

When I first meet my engaged couples one of the questions I always ask is: Where did you meet? Who introduced you? Those two questions tell me so much about the couple. I love their story of how David and Camille met.

Once upon a time, Camille’s parents were renovating their Deep Cove home. . . . → Read More: David + Camille {Engagement}

Vitamin k

When I am needing something to pep me up I always look at my Littlest Girl! She makes me so happy! Here’s the way she looked today at 3 months. She is so loveable, cuddly, and chatty!

Before the Sun Goes Down

One photo of the sweet young man before the sun goes down.

My Sweet Buttercup {Children’s Portrait}

This was my first session since my new baby girl, Katie was born. I headed out for Happy Hour to a perfect secret field of buttercups.

Days Like These

Remember that silly cliche that your mum told you that there would be days like these? Today was that day. When you feel like the world is awake but you’re sleepwalking.

Like this morning for instance, I woke up with a sweet Kennedy face in my sleepy face at 5:30am. “Good Morning, Mummy!” She . . . → Read More: Days Like These