Lighthouse and True North

There are some people in this life that shine the light where you need it and this family is one of them.

Forgive the lateness- as Avila (the baby in the belly) is already enrolled for grad school . *errrm sorry.

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Andrew + Kelly + Baby Koala

I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to share this post with you. I wish I could say that it was on “Baby Koala Eve”. Or maybe it is? My timing can be just on time or I can be a touch late. I’m never obnoxiously early….

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Waiting on a Little Love

Aaron and Andrea spent the first part of their lives growing up in Deep Cove and it only made sense to show their Little Love where they met and fell head over heels for one another. . . . → Read More: Waiting on a Little Love

Let’s Jump for Joy! It’s a Boy!

Big Sister, Rowen is so excited to have a baby brother and yesterday her dreams came true!

Kaylie and Joe were so excited for their little man! When I presented their maternity session last week in their home I nearly caught Kaylie cleaning the top of her cupboards. Something was going to happen soon. . . . → Read More: Let’s Jump for Joy! It’s a Boy!

Sarah + Sophia + Two Sweet Peas

I was reading Facebook on April 1st of this year and saw an ultrasound of twins that Sarah’s husband, Steve, had posted.

Now if you know Steve at all, you will know that he is one of the most hilarious people ever. You laugh so hard your abs hurt at the end of your . . . → Read More: Sarah + Sophia + Two Sweet Peas

Stephen + Ericka -Westcoast Family Cottage Love

It was your typical Westcoast love affair for these two.

Stephen and Ericka met sailing around the world when they both signed up to work on contract with a cruise line. Imagine meeting someone special half way across the world and then discovering your soul mate lives on the same island as you?

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One Year Ago Today- A Snowy Scene

I dream about snow.

There is something so magical about it. Since we rarely see it on Vancouver Island when it happens I always pray I have my camera close and I have no where to be but where I am.

I have always wanted to shoot a maternity session in the snow. . . . → Read More: One Year Ago Today- A Snowy Scene

Waiting on the Littlest Loxton

Daniel and Cheryl’s eyes met across a flock of sheep where they worked as shepherds in Prince George several years ago.

Although they no longer work as shepherds, it was something that brought the two of them together as a couple. If they didn’t have the ability to overlook mosquitoes, long work days, and . . . → Read More: Waiting on the Littlest Loxton

Sue {Maternity}

I think the best part of being a photographer is sharing in some of the best days of your clients lives.

I have photographed Sue shortly after she was engaged, followed by her wedding and finally her maternity photos. We joked around in the sun in between frames, “Nicole, you are so much . . . → Read More: Sue {Maternity}

Cam, Kristin, and Elysabeth

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