Home Sweet Home

Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I am biased though- this is where I hang my hat.


Brice and Helen met and fell in love in Tofino and settled in Victoria.

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Baby Ballerinas | Part 2

Blog_Ballet_Christmas2013_Kennedy001My favourite thing is watching my little girls dance.

I knew when I saw my eldest daughter tie up her ballet shoes and look at herself dancing in the giant mirror- I knew she was going to love it. . . . → Read More: Baby Ballerinas | Part 2

Baby Ballerinas | Part 1

I have two Baby Ballerinas now.

They are two very different girls and therefore need two different sets of photos.

Little tapping feet, jumping dance, and jingle bells from their Christmas Open House.

Here’s your morning “awwww!!!” Part 1!

Next set is up tomorrow!

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Having two little girls at home helps me understand pink, princesses, mermaids, rainbows, dollies, horses, and dancing.

When I get a chance to photograph a little man- it’s a WHOLE new world to me!  . . . → Read More: Dawson

KKKKK- Katie, Beautiful Katie!

My littlest girl finally stood still for a nanosecond long enough to have her photo taken.

She’s a bit of a trouble maker. Climbing ladders like a monkey and playing like a big girl. . . . → Read More: KKKKK- Katie, Beautiful Katie!

Mermaids and Pirates

I HAVE to clarify.

I am not a party blogger.

But I love to party and I love photography.

My friend, Katy is gifted in the party department.

As mums, we all kind of stand back to see what she’s going to create next!

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Max + Pru {Children’s Portrait}

This children’s portrait session has been in the works for awhile. So glad we were able to secure the date with our busy schedules! Pru likes fairy princesses, cooking, and she loves ballet! She . . . → Read More: Max + Pru {Children’s Portrait}

Twins + Tulips Spring must have Sprung

I love photographing children… siblings are fun…and twins are twice the fun!

Meet our 18 month old Swedish twins Elsa and Emilia!

Adorable little girls with a lot of Spring to their step. So . . . → Read More: Twins + Tulips Spring must have Sprung

Meet the Newest Member of their Flock

You may remember my portrait session with Daniel and Cheryl the two former shepherds who met and fell in love while herding sheep from the fall. Well, here is their session with the newest member of their flock. . . . → Read More: Meet the Newest Member of their Flock

By Boat, By Plane, By Train

I had such a fun time creating something special for my friend, Sebastien.

The first thing I do in my session creation is that I look deep into making a portrait (not just . . . → Read More: By Boat, By Plane, By Train