Baby Ballerina

It was more than three years ago when my daughter was just a Little Mystery in my belly. We chose not to find out the sex of our child which is odd among our circle of friends because I am surrounded by “planners”.

My developing mother’s intuition told me that we were having a . . . → Read More: Baby Ballerina

David + Camille {Engagement}

When I first meet my engaged couples one of the questions I always ask is: Where did you meet? Who introduced you? Those two questions tell me so much about the couple. I love their story of how David and Camille met.

Once upon a time, Camille’s parents were renovating their Deep Cove home. . . . → Read More: David + Camille {Engagement}

Moving Forward

As mother, wife, artist, and business person I feel like those roles keep me really busy all of the time.

My mind is racing with things that I want to do, ideas I dream about doing someday, and goals I know I can achieve.

This past year has been such a marathon, . . . → Read More: Moving Forward

Baby Henry

So sweet and so wee! Little Henry has stolen a couple of hearts the minute he entered the world a little over a month ago!