Kennedy and Leilani {Playdate}

Counting down the days until Baby Girl #2 arrives. The due date has come and gone. April 17…So we’re overdue. I feel so overdone…. I needed some distractions so my sister-in-law brought over my beautiful niece, Leilani over for a playdate today. It was so cute watching these little girls play together and laugh. . . . → Read More: Kennedy and Leilani {Playdate}

Chris and Lara- Study Break in the Sakura {E-session}

Chris and Lara are a really sweet couple. I met them last fall when I photographed Lara’s best friend, Tessa’s wedding.

Spring is always such a busy time for any engaged couple getting married. But this particular engaged couple are also students. I am amazed at Lara and Chris’ multi-tasking abilities. They are . . . → Read More: Chris and Lara- Study Break in the Sakura {E-session}