Diane Pancel

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Nicole Recreated

I was thrilled to be contacted by Nicole asking if I would be able to recreate an heirloom photograph. The photograph was a sepia toned silver gelatin print of . . . → Read More: Nicole Recreated

Happy Mother’s Day

What a great first Mother’s Day! I love baby kisses, banana pancakes for breakfast, and the sweetest card ever from my daughter and husband. My husband took this shot after . . . → Read More: Happy Mother’s Day

Best Day!

This week keeps on getting better and better. We just bought a house and the best part about it is that I will finally have room for my studio! We’ll be making the move on Canada Day.


My Little Friend Rowan

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Jasmine and Tony

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Just wanted to let my clients and friends know that I’m waiting for my new Nicole Brown website to finally go live!Thanks for all of your support for my photography over the years! I’m looking forward to the new company and new outlook of photography!

Spring Time in Sidney!

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